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At Akij Resources Limited, we are driven by a singular mission - delivering unparalleled quality products and services while fostering positive change in society and the environment.

About Us

AKIJ Group was established in the 1940s by industrialist Sheikh Akij Uddin. Continuing this rich legacy, AKIJ Resources was founded in April 2020 by Sheikh Jasim Uddin, son of the late Sheikh Akij Uddin. Under Sheikh Jasim’s dynamic leadership, AKIJ Resources has expanded across various sectors, including building materials, steel, food commodities, and more.

With a clear mission to ensure the best quality products and services to the customers through continuous improvement that benefits society and the environment, AKIJ Resources stands as a trusted name in Bangladesh’s economy. Committed to quality, innovation, and community impact, AKIJ Resources is shaping the future with entrepreneurial spirit and integrity.

Founder’s Note

The legacy of AKIJ GROUP is over half a century old and over the years Akij has established itself as the full of confidence and much revered industrial family of Bangladesh. It consists of 24 big concerns with diverse activities & different products.Akij Group launched its venture as a small jute trader more than 50 years ago.


SK Akij Uddin(Founder)

Chief Executive Officer : CEO

Akij Group was established in the 1940s by industrialist Sheikh Akij Uddin as a jute trading business, before moving into cigarettes and other areas of business. Continuing this legacy, Sheikh Jasim Uddin, the son of Sheikh Akij Uddin, founded AKIJ Resources in April 2020.

You’ve just stepped into the digital world of Mr. Sheikh Jasim Uddin, the dynamic Managing Director and CEO of AKIJ Resources. Sheikh Jasim is not your average businessman. He’s a legacy carrier, the son of the late Sheikh Akij Uddin, a man whose entrepreneurial vision revolutionized Bangladesh’s economy.

Sheikh Jasim didn’t just step into his father’s shoes; he expanded them. He took his father’s spirit, drive, and vision and used them to propel AKIJ Resources to heights that may have even surprised his father. Under his leadership, the company has blossomed, spreading its wings across various sectors.

AKIJ Resources started its journey in April 2020 with a clear mission: to provide the best quality products and services to its customers, while always seeking ways to improve. And it’s not just about business; it’s about benefiting society and the environment too. AKIJ Resources has been a trusted name in the building materials sector for over two decades, a trust that Sheikh Jasim has worked tirelessly to uphold.

But Sheikh Jasim isn’t one to rest on his laurels. Under his guidance, AKIJ Resources has ventured into the steel industry and even the food commodity and agricultural sector. Today, AKIJ Resources’ portfolio is as diverse as it is vast, with products ranging from cement, ready-mix concrete, steel bars, and stone chips to poly fiber bags, shipping, IT, and even everyday food commodities like rice, flour, salt, sugar, grains, and fertilizer.

Sheikh Jasim’s leadership is all about striving for excellence, believing in his team, and contributing to the growth of Bangladesh. His vision for AKIJ Resources isn’t just about expanding the business; it’s about making a positive impact on the community and the country.

So, take a moment to explore this website. Dive into the inspiring journey of Sheikh Jasim, discover his unique business insights, and get a glimpse of the thriving legacy of the AKIJ Group that’s shaping the future of Bangladesh. You’re learning about the spirit of entrepreneurship that’s driving one of Bangladesh’s largest conglomerates.

Sheikh Jasim Uddin (CEO)

Head Office:

Akij House, 198 Bir Uttam, Mir Shawkat Sarak, Gulshan Link Road, Tejgaon, Dhaka-1208.
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